The 11th China (Shanghai) international stone & technical equipment exhibition in 2017

                                                 The 4th China (Shanghai) international stone & mechanical device exhibition in 2017 
                                                                              (Shanghai stone expo for short, top 2 in Asia)

Time: from 20th to 22nd, November, 2017

Address: Shanghai world expo pavilion (No.1099, Guozhan road, Pudong district, Shanghai city, China)


Area: 100,000 ㎡

Attendees in total : 200,000

Professional Visitors : 80,000

Shanghai organization committee of international stone exhibition in 2017 which has garnered high attention informs that Shanghai international stone expo, the second-largest in Asia, will be splendidly launched in Shanghai world expo center, from 20th to 22th in December. Its publication immediately sweeps through stone dimension field.

When it comes to exposition holding in Shanghai, Shanghai world expo center is highly considered as the geographically hottest spot with most popularity. Consequently, under the limelight of the world, the exposition opening in 2017 piques the interest of the public. Shanghai world expo pavilion, an international fair pavilion, is built in 2007 by China government for the stage of Shanghai world expo hold in 2010. China (Shanghai) world expo will be hold for high up to 41 times until 2010, which will be performed in Shanghai, a gamut from 1st, May, to 31st, October. Furthermore, the expo is also the 1st international fair hold China. Shanghai world expo with the subject of  “Better City, Better Life” is capitalized with 450 billion ¥, deluged with over 700 million visitors, breaking the record of the widest expo, in a comparison of the counterpart of the others. From 29th, November to 5th, December, 2002, currently, vice-prime minister, Lanqing, Li, affiliated with the political bureau of the central committee, takes the lead of China representatives, heading toward international expo bureau and makes declaration in its 132nd general assembly. On 3rd, 2002, China is honored with the qualification to hold world expo in 2010.

Shanghai world expo pavilion is located in the commercial center district, the optimal and the most popular expo center facilitated with over 10 bus lines, the 7th metro(Yaohua station) and the 8th metro( China art palace station).

Shanghai world expo center stretches toward 152,000 square meters, which covers the north and south entrance halls, one central hall, five pavilions, VIP service centers, conference areas, negotiation rooms, equipment areas, garages and whatnot. Outside there are three plazas, i.e., south plaza, north plaza and sunken plaza respectively, besides, two loading zones, the east and the west. In the pavilion, the exhibition extends 100,000 square meters, the largest pilot-free exposition area in Asia with its reasonable layout, sufficient functional equipment, flexible combination and 1,500 parking spaces to the full convenience of visitors.

In addition to the joint direction of three parties, ministry of commerce of the people’s republic of China, ministry of urban & rural living and construction of the people’s republic of China, Shanghai municipal people’s government, the exhibition is collaboratively hold by Shanghai Allworld exhibition co., ltd, and Guangzhou Aiqi exhibition co., ltd, which extends 30,000 square meters. The exposition covers the followings, stone area, machinery & instrument area, international area and whatnot. From so far, over 800 companies from 26 countries or regions have partaken in fairs here, especially those from Italy, Turkey, Greek, Spain, Egypt, France, Finland, Portugal, India, Iran, etc., up to 11 countries have already fully set the stage with the manner of group exhibition, in a response to the dog-eat-dog exposition in Shanghai city. 20% of them initially step at the threshold of Shanghai stone exposition, which include entrepreneurs of mine with new goods, start-up firms of technology innovation. Apart from the above, exhibition scales of all unanimously augment, 27% of increase in total for Italian pavilions, 42% for the one of Egypt, at the same time, a number of groups from Czech Republic, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Morocco, respectively etc., firstly join the exhibition here which arouses the interest of quantities of illustrious purchasers who severally come from over 50 countries or regions, over 200,000 domestic professional stone merchants from more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, foreign stone-oriented professional groups to place orders from more than 20 countries which could be exemplified with US, German, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Poland, Russia, Brazil and Turkey. Accordingly, Shanghai stone exhibition has been tantamount to wealth making.

    The strategic project of Shanghai stone expo is masterminded to rise the fair to the avant gardes in the circle of stone commerce to the achievement of global marketing and network service, the strategic optimization for corporations via the pursuit of relatively reasonable booth charge & higher quality concurrently, with a hopeful period from 3 to 5 years.


HOT NEWS焦点新闻 Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd La China (Shanghai) International stone and the technology equipment exhibition (referred to "Shanghai International stone exhibition") July 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center held, June 2017 in national exhibition center (Shanghai) held, exhibition total area up 115000m2, both at home and abroad exhibition Enterprise up 1000 home above, this will during while also held more than 10 over stone Exchange fair and Forum, these supporting activities are is stone industry found latest dynamic, and witness most frontier technology of only opportunities
Nanjing Daily:UFI Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd Larg Shanghai International exhibition with unparalleled audience popularity in domestic events of the same type, each show is more than more than 200 domestic media, nearly 100 overseas media to follow up and tracking reports. Latest information from show organizers showed that 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition scale and quality reach new highs, exhibition area of 115,000 square meters, continue to Asia show the same type of the first. 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition will be active through a wide range of measures to expand the domestic market, increase overseas promotion and depth, strengthening on real-estate developers, designers, contractors, transnational purchasing group and other high-quality buyers invited to further improve exhibition quality, to better meet the needs of exhibitors marketing. Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd Large 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition ("Shanghai International exhibition") is in the people's Republic of China and under the guidance of the Ministry, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, in Qingpu district of Shanghai people's Government, the Shanghai HongQiao business development limited, with the support of China real estate Association, hosted by the Xinhua network TV real estate channel, By Shanghai Austrian Wei exhibition Corporation joint fair exhibition engineering limited Shanghai Branch and Guangzhou love odd exhibition Corporation common hosted, this will with Italy stone mechanical Association, and Brazil stone decorative Association, and world natural stone Association, and European International Federation, and India granite, and natural stone Chamber of Commerce, and Iran stone Association, and Russia stone Association, and Spain natural stone Association, and Turkey Aegean exporters Association, and American stone networking, and Poland Stone magazine, and Netherlands Stone magazine, and Turkey Stone magazine, and Stone magazine in Russia, Singapore, Portugal Magazine Magazine magazine, German magazine, Italian stone stone tools combined with breeze.
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