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The 11th China(Shanghai)International Stone and Equipment Fair
The 4th China(Shanghai) International Stone Machine tools Fair
(Shanghai Stone Fair—The Second Stone Fair in Asia)

Date:June 8-10,2017 Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention and Convention Centre(66 Cao Bao Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai,China)

Total Area:35,000㎡
Enterprises,Professional Audience : 80,000
Visitor : 200,000

  Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center is regarded as the best exhibition location and the most popular exhibition center in Shanghai. So Shanghai International Stone Fair held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center will catch much of the expectations and global attention! 20 years ago, Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai business center location - Xuhui District Caobao Road No. 66 (Metro Exit 2) where they stand.20 years later, born ,Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center consists of East and West, 35,000 square meters exhibition area can accommodate 1500 standard booths. There is a wide range of facilities such as central air pressure, water supply and drainage, electricity, modern communication facilities, international Internet and meeting rooms for technical exchange during the exhibition. This "special exhibition" Exhibition "and" Convention " achieves the unity of time and space.
  According to the layout of Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, 2017 Shanghai Stone Exhibition exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, the layout of the international standard booths up to 1500, more than 800 exhibitors, the total number of visitors during the exhibition will reach 200,000 people , including designers, real estate developers, home improvement and tooling companies, hotel management companies, construction companies and other professional audience up to 80,000 people, the overall audience up to 200,000 people. In addition to Xiamen, the scale of this stone exhibition than the scale of other domestic stone exhibition are much larger, has become the true sense of Asia's second largest stone exhibition. Shanghai stone exhibition held, which explores the stone industry's new economic model, adjusts the new layout of the stone industry and space structure and cultivates the stone industry to drive the development of new engine and has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. This is also following the Xiamen after another global significance of the Shanghai Stone Exhibition, but also to the Yangtze River Delta as the core of a major historic strategic choice, which is not only the Millennium plan, but also the international stone industry is a major event, is the new situation under the stone industry to implement a major strategy of major practice.
  2017 The 11th China (Shanghai) International Stone and Technology Equipment Exhibition ("Shanghai Stone Fair") began in July 2016, the global investment began to start, Shanghai stone show sounded the prelude to the stone industry, became the times of the thunder.
  This fair is held by Guangzhou Aiqi Exhibition Corp and the Shanghai division of Canton Fair Exhibition Design and Construction Co,.Ltd under the guidance of MOHURD, P.R.C.,Ministry of Commerce,P.R.C.and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, supported by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Qingpu District. The total fair is 30,000㎡.There will be three areas——the stone area, the machines and tools area and the international area. So far there are more than 800 enterprises from 26 countries including China,Italy,Turkey,Greece,Brazil,Spain,Egypt,France,Finland,Portugal,India,Iran coming for the participation. Those enterprises prepared early for their pavilions and 20% of them participate the fair for the first time. Some of the mining companies bring their new kinds of mineral. Some new and fast growing enterprises come with their innovation techniques. Many companies enlarged their pavilions. For instance, Italian enterprise enlarged by 27%while Egyptian ones enlarged by 42%.New companies from Czech, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Morocco will have their booths as well. The fair attracts a large number of trustable purchasers from more than 50 countries and areas. Groups of the professional travelling traders from more than 20 counties like America,Germany,Switzerland,Portugal,France,Poland,Russia,Brazil,Turkey will come to visit. In additionally, over 200,000 people from 30 provinces and autonomous region will come for the exhibition. Shanghai Stone Fair now is a popular and valuable business card of Asia.
  Shanghai Stone Exhibition strategic planning is hoping to use three to five years time to create the stone industry, as Huawei's mobile phone, the rapid formation of the global sales and service network, at the same time being more close to people's booth price and higher quality demands on the exhibitors to optimize the strategy.



Wenshao-art.com:UFI Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd La China (Shanghai) International stone and the technology equipment exhibition (referred to "Shanghai International stone exhibition") July 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center held, June 2017 in national exhibition center (Shanghai) held, exhibition total area up 115000m2, both at home and abroad exhibition Enterprise up 1000 home above, this will during while also held more than 10 over stone Exchange fair and Forum, these supporting activities are is stone industry found latest dynamic, and witness most frontier technology of only opportunities
Nanjing Daily:UFI Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd Larg Shanghai International exhibition with unparalleled audience popularity in domestic events of the same type, each show is more than more than 200 domestic media, nearly 100 overseas media to follow up and tracking reports. Latest information from show organizers showed that 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition scale and quality reach new highs, exhibition area of 115,000 square meters, continue to Asia show the same type of the first. 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition will be active through a wide range of measures to expand the domestic market, increase overseas promotion and depth, strengthening on real-estate developers, designers, contractors, transnational purchasing group and other high-quality buyers invited to further improve exhibition quality, to better meet the needs of exhibitors marketing.
China.com.cn:UFI Identifies Shanghai Stone Fair as 2nd Large 2017 the 11th China (Shanghai) International stone materials and technology and equipment exhibition ("Shanghai International exhibition") is in the people's Republic of China and under the guidance of the Ministry, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, in Qingpu district of Shanghai people's Government, the Shanghai HongQiao business development limited, with the support of China real estate Association, hosted by the Xinhua network TV real estate channel, By Shanghai Austrian Wei exhibition Corporation joint fair exhibition engineering limited Shanghai Branch and Guangzhou love odd exhibition Corporation common hosted, this will with Italy stone mechanical Association, and Brazil stone decorative Association, and world natural stone Association, and European International Federation, and India granite, and natural stone Chamber of Commerce, and Iran stone Association, and Russia stone Association, and Spain natural stone Association, and Turkey Aegean exporters Association, and American stone networking, and Poland Stone magazine, and Netherlands Stone magazine, and Turkey Stone magazine, and Stone magazine in Russia, Singapore, Portugal Magazine Magazine magazine, German magazine, Italian stone stone tools combined with breeze.
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